My Top 3. Christmas Gift Ideas for the “difficult” man 2016

Buying Xmas gifts for men can be a real challenge. Especially if you are buying something for a male who already has everything they need. Even worse is buying for the type of man, who  is flat-out boring, with near to no personal interests available…

Still chances are you care for this special someone and turning up with nothing for them is NOT an option.

Best scenario though would be turning up with something they don´t leave in the corner to gather dust, but instead something they actually give a go or might even love.

Lets get to it!


It might seem slightly offensive to some, but this is a great gift. Chances are your father, spouse, brother, father-in-law, best friend, colleague don´t know crap about cosmetics and keeping their skin youthful but (fake promises aside) most of all HYDRATED!!!

The men who do know a thing or two about skin care will appreciate it, and the specimen that have no clue about it and seem thrown off guard by this subtle suggestion will try something new, which they would have never dreamed of spending money on themselves and start feeling good and groomed about themselves.

My personal favourites:

  1. The luxurious choice


Line-Control Balm
(retails around 59.00€)

Good quality choice for the experienced groomers or someone needing that extra bit of sensitive care.

2. The All-rounder

loreal-men-expert-hydra-energy-anti-muedigkeit-50-ml LOREAL MEN EXPERT
(retails around 10.00€)

Young, middle-aged or a senior I have never let anyone down with this quick buy. It´s affordable, presentable and smells divine. A good purchase on the side as a stocking or table present as well.

3. The Pharmacy-approved

vichy-homme-hydra-magc-soin-hydratant-anti-fatigue-bd1_410x315VICHY LABORATORIES HOMME
ANTI FATIGUE HYDRATING CARE (retails around 19.00€)

For the Grinch who doesn´t approve of anything unless it is prescribed by a doctor or pharmacy bought, or simply for someone who enjoys nice packaging, good value for money and has good taste.

2. The Gadget

Men love toys. But sometimes it is hard to find something that is the right mix between fun and efficient. If too childish it will be tossed aside after playtime is over if too efficient it might already exist in the household, be something greatly expensive or something they can buy themselves anytime.

My choice is a twist on something old…

k5-0120-a_94_29_thumb_3The I-Clip
( retails around 30€)

This little gadget holds up to twelve cards and cash. They are wildly popular at the moment,but not something everybody has. Sleek and modern to fit into any pocket.I have sold a load of these and can say the hype is real.

3.The Bestseller

Books are hard to choose for someone other than ourselves, never the less they are a good gift. But I have found that the ones labelled as a bestseller do shine more brightly for the person receiving it. Different people like different books, but you can´t go wrong with a bestseller mixing up different culture, crime, dark humour and passion. Secretly men do love a good gripping story, even if some just pretend to like superficial excitement and violence.

by GREGORY DAVID ROBERTS ( retails at around 10.00€)

You will be amazed at how praised this book will be by a man. The perfect story of man-travels, love, passion, crime and war. Not cheesy in the slightest. Great for all ages…

Mine is literally in shreds by now after all the men who have borrowed it.

4.The Scarf

Sounds boring but is always much appreciated. A nice scarf. You can go for something classic, good quality with alpaca wool or cashmere to last for the years to come. Or just opt for a high street buy to last for a season as a fashionable statement piece, where no tears will be shed when it eventually gives up and lands in the corner.

I opted for something like this for a younger male:

6247306700_1_1_1.jpg ZARA MAN SCARF (retails around 19.99€)

5.The common Voucher-Card

If you really aren’t sure what to do or buy. Vouchers are always welcomed. Whether it being one for his favourite hardware-store or Tech-shop down the road, he can choose what is best for himself. Also amazon vouchers are a good choice for PRIME customers.


Those were my top 5 gift choices for Xmas 2016. I purchased all of my gifts in November already to be able to enjoy December, without feeling pressured to find that perfect something last-minute.

Let me know what man-gifts work for you in the comments below!!



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