“Walt Disney Moment” Souq-Wakif in Doha

Hello Doha. Good to see you again.

For my December work rota I decided it was time to go back to Doha. In these frosty winter-evenings I have been spending a lot of time in my snuggly Frankfurt flat drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream after my workout sessions at the gym and binge watching anything from BBC Crime/ Dramas to Gilmore girls. Around this time of year though I notice an intense craving for Disney-classics in my life. Damn you cozy winter for turning me into a cheese ball!!

So I decided to treat myself to a bit of Princess Yasmin and head down south to Doha.

Doha, Qatar’s capital is a coastal city along the persian gulf. I have travelled a fair bit to the middle-east. And if you want a full on tourist friendly arabic experience with a mix of impressive architecture, beach fun and traditional culture I always recommend Doha! Yes, even more than Dubai. 

I spent last week in Dubai once again for my winter-holiday break, and there are a few reasons Doha beats Dubai hands down.


Doha offers great Skyline views, vibrant in fluoride colour, which gives the place a magical, futuristic feel. It´s not just “That One” standout building like Dubai´s Burj Khalifa, but more of a collections of smaller interesting buildings along the promenade which make up for a great picture as a whole.

2. The Desert

The desert offers much more tranquil, naturalistic spots that Dubai´s Safari Desert tracks, with it´s hundreds of tourists flocking to them each day.

4. The Old Town “Souq-Waqif”

The traditional arabic Souq in Doha is my very favourite. It is stunning. This is the main reason I come here. Just one evening spent here feels like you are in Aladdin´s hometown of Agrabar. The Souq-Waqif ( market) is like a separate village of shops and stands. The buildings are old and traditional and this market has been around for centuries. The Bedouin (nomads) used this place for trading, rice, wool, animals etc. back in the day.

Unlike Dubai, you see many, many natives visiting this place in the evenings and during Ramadan there are many celebrations to be experienced and seen.


When here, I usually go out for some traditional arabic food. I love Fattoush-salad, and could binge on halloumi cheese all day long. If there with friends we usually order a mint flavoured shisha in the evenings and unwind.

Hearing the call to prayer Adhan, broadcasted over speakers is an amazing experience if never heard before. It is beautiful and melodic and feels very “oldy worldy” for us foreigners.

I am only here for a short stop, but will definitely go for a walk now and enjoy the sunshine, although the temperatures have cooled down to 20 degrees celsius.

I would love to hear your Doha experiences and about places you like to visit in the middle east…

Also what places have you experienced a “Disney Moment” !?



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