In winter skin tends to look dry and dull. Moisturizer gets sucked up nearly immediately after application, after being left parched by all that central heating. A good moisturizer is one thing, drinking loads of fluids the other, but I like to fake my way to looking perfectly healthy and glowy even though I´m secretly getting a cold and my skin is feeling all dry and flakey.


Light worker NR. 1.

A peachy, light reflecting primer for under your foundation.

This is my first step to highlighting my skin. I use a formula called Blur Cream by the korean brand “Etude House”. It´s amazing and leaves my skin moisturized, so I don´t even need a moisturising cream underneath and can proceed with my usual foundation. It promises to give your face a photofiltered-look. It definitely evens out fine lines, uneven pigmentation and small blemishes. It´s non greasy and doesn´t irritate sensitive skin.



Light worker NR.2

After I have applied my usual foundation( usually go for a matte finish) I use Nars “Orgasm”  blush. It´s a pinky peach with golden shimmer. Applying this to my cheekbones instantly flushes them with a healthy, warm color. This is Nars bestseller for a reason and flatters every skin colour.



Light worker NR.3

My skin already has a good dewy glow after these two products by now, but I like to add EVEN more! Now comes my last dose of Angel-dust or Angel-cream more like, as I like to amp up my cheekbones a little more with Benefit´s”high beam”. I also put some in the corner of my inner eye and, bridge of my nose and above my upper lip. I have been buying this for years and use it for multiple purposes, in summer for example it´s perfect for highlighting shoulders and collarbone . I´m not a fan of having big chunks of glitter in my Make-up products and this is the best product I have found, adding perfect icy rose shine instead of full on glittery chunks.




So these are definitely part of my every day make-up routine this month and will be repurchased again when empty. I´d love to hear your opinions on your top highlighters and your reviews on these products…

x  Ali”Fox”



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