I flew to L.A in search of sun and a light sea breeze instead I got the Apocalypse 2016. It poured in buckets yesterday, leaving my umbrellaless self no other choice but to swing from door to door until I finally found shelter at the mall across the road. After an hour of shopping it wasn´t just a roof I needed, but food.

I decided to follow the herd of people to the food-court. Did I feel Vegan today? Was there an organic shake in my near future? No…not today. Had Chinese yesterday, no Italian I fancy in sight, Had enough burgers recently to last me a lifetime. So I asked a helpless passerby “Where can I get something good to eat here?”

“Try the new korean! Bibigo Fresh Korean Kitchen. We usually  eat there on our lunch break”

I said thank you and smiled. I really did not feel like smelling of garlic today. Hmm…and korean in a mall  food court..? The chinese here isn´t all that good but at least there is a wide variety to chooser from. Korean is usually bulgogi or bibimbap…One of the two.

I decided to find the korean and look at the menu.

Bibimpab it is…There was a long queue, but they seemed to be moving along fast.Service was running smoothly. There was a choice between classic bibimpab cold or bibimbap hot( heated by a hot, stone bowl.) I decided to get in line and was nearly straight away asked to decide if i´d prefer white rice, brown rice or noodles as my main component. I opted for classic white. Then I was friendly moved along to the next worker, who was in charge of the toppings…This was like SUBWAY Korean-style minus the foot long dough. You could choose many healthy nutritional components from kale to kimchi, chickpeas and bean salad to onion, broccoli and what not. Then the hot dish was topped off with a prefered sauce. Sesame sauce, hot chilli and garlic or a mild zesty soy sauce. Sesame sauce it was. Last but not least a selection of meats and/or Tofu to be added. I went for the bulgogi beef strips.

I then had my dish topped off with a fried egg, bottle of water for the hot,spicy kimchi I was about to eat and a diet coke…

It was amazing! What a delight! Gosh I don´t think I have even eaten bibimbap this good while being in Seoul itself …How awkward. What a gem this new place is. In the middle of a busy,loud food court. Will definitely go again! Contemplated going back in the evening but changed my plans to going the next day…Didn´t want to come across too keen…




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