2017 here we come! And this year is going to be just as fabulous as the last…

​2016 we did lose some important people along the way to cancer, my grandfather a family friend…Had the odd few days where we just sat there and wondered ,,What is the point in my life anyway?” followed by many more depressing anxious moments getting ourselves worked up thinking thoughts like ,,What is my real destiny? Am I following the right path? Am I fulfilling my true potential? Shit do I even have any potential !!?”

But Resolution Nr.1 as the year before:

Stay positive and grateful

No matter how much shit hits the fan 2017 I will try to stay positive and practice counting my blessings every day. Good friends, cozy flat, enough money to cover my basic needs and a little left over for treats.

Resolution Nr 2:

Stop fretting over stuff I can´t change

I can´t change what political things are happening on the other end of the world! And I am sick of having full-on political discussions sneaking in to my carefree, fun dinner parties ,meeting with friends, meal breaks etc.!

Yes a lot of political decisions 2016 sucked or shocked us all. A lot going on is disappointing BUT there is absolutely no point bringing it up for discussion to ruin everybody´s mood and moan about the same topic every single chance you get. If somebody comes up to me at work and tries to ruin my day by blabbering on about how the world is going to end, because this or that person has won an election or this other person has made this decision or that, I will keep on reminding them, that what we can change is ourselves and the atmosphere we create for the people living with and around us. That the people we can actively inspire, comfort and support around us are the ones to concentrate on! And that we should try to make them feel good about themselves and maybe create a domino effect of motivating them towards a better life!

Gosh, and if they keep on moaning I just introduce them to another group of chronic moaners and get on with my business, trying to keep myself in the positive zone.

Misery loves company! Not the kind of company I keep around for long…


And my Resolution Nr. 3:

Finding the right balance between giving to others, treating myself and saving…

I´m a spender of sorts. I like to shop, I like to pay for experiences like travel, I also like to treat others around me a LOT. I like tipping and donating…

Crap I also need to save!

2016 was the year I opened two new accounts. I had a plan. Each month an amount goes into one account for saving and a certain amount into another account for my retirement. I´m only young but heck why not start now.?

It feels good, it gives me a small feeling of security, plus there is still a bit to go around for splurges, overpriced Starbucks  and anything else.


Those are my Top 3 New Year Resolutions for 2017.

3 is a good number.Better for me to not bite off more than I can chew.

What are your personal resolutions? Would love to hear some other good ideas and tips!

Happy New Year coming up!!!
Ali “Fox”






16 thoughts on “TOP 3 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS 2017

  1. Eric J. Cantu says:

    You already read my resolutions for travel destinations, but for me to hit those goals I have to save save save! I’m making a resolution to cut out all the dumb expenses I make out of pure habit. I want to prioritize my spending! I want to travel the world! 😉

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  2. Andrei says:

    Those three New Year’s resolutions are just perfect! Staying positive and grateful and being able to balance one’s emotions as well as personal spending and outside giving is an absolute winner. Three simple motion for action can stir the course of your life in the right and purposeful direction.
    I’m glad to see how our posts resonate with each other. The blogging world truly helps us expand our personal growth exponentially. For me, reading other people’s blogs is helpful in opening up my eyes into other perspective of looking into life.
    Wish us all the best of luck in this coming year 2017. May we all strive to write our best to inspire and motivate,may be not the whole world as you put it, but those some others who chanced to read our posts, hoping that a domino effect would work so that the inspiration would be passed on 🙂
    Happy New Year! Cheers!

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