When in China hunt for a bargain!

China is heaven for finding all sorts of crap the heart desires. From stores selling jewellery, accessories and high-end fashion to fake markets selling duplicates of any fashion brand on the planet. This is one of the top places to be for a fun purchase.

Just do me a favour and do NOT purchase any real fur products, as these animals were most likely kept and killed in awful, cruel conditions!

I personally am not a fan of fake products even though I have to admit some are absolutely brilliant and even have me fooled. Still there are great no-name bits and bobs to be found, which are equally stylish and on trend.

This time visiting Hong Kong one of my favourite cities, I found a right steel for spring/summer 2017 : A simple rose-coloured backpack. I love it. Its spacious enough for all my daily necessities, but still small and compact looking.


Rose minimalism(sigh)

Perfect for combining with black and grey as I wear a lot of this. It cost me HKD60.- which is about 8€ in total.


I´m very happy having found this new key piece, but bought a tiny safety lock/ mini padlock with a code to protect my valuables from pick pockets as you can´t see whats going on around your back.

What do you think about backpacks?

Good idea or too childish?

Ali “Fox”



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