I do like a good fish dish. Packed with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. It is great food for brain and physique.

This is why when in Tokio it is a MUST for me to visit Tjukiji market. To experience the world´s largest and one of the oldest fish markets is an absolute delight. Here you can see every sort of fish, crab and oyster.

But if you like to sleep in, it can be difficult. You have to get there really early at 5 in the morning to experience it´s atmposphere in full swing. Not a problem though for jet lagged westerners, who are awake and showered by the crack of dawn.

A real highlight is the bidding on some of the biggest Tuna fish you have ever seen.

Fish market smelling fishy…Not so much actually…

The fish here is so fresh that the smell of the place is more than bearable.

The Japanese know fish and it´s preparation best and the fish provided here lands in the sushi we love in and around Tokio and some of the rest of Japan.

Around the market sushi-breakfast is to be had and rumoured to be one of the best places to eat in Tokio, but the queue can get pretty long, so be there early and don´t be too disappointed if you have to wait a bit.

I couldn´t believe how clean this market was. Japan being clean in generall I still didn´t expect this cleanness to apply to a rustic, old fish market.

Have you been here? Do you think it´s worth a visit?

Time to cook up some salmon now…






  1. Eric J. Cantu says:

    When I visited Tokyo I saw this on a list of possible excursions, and the only thing that stopped me from trying it was the ultra early start time. Maybe the next time I go I’ll go for it. Definitely a one of a kind experience. Tokyo takes their fish verrrrrry seriously!

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