Everybody has a guilty pleasure. Something we spend way too much money on even though we  know we shouldn´t . Something that is bad for our health and/or bank account. Shit we keep collecting even though we have enough of it in our lives.

Scented Body Lotion is my vice. I go crazy for those creamy, softening lotions with a hint of perfume. My skin is very dry especially in winter and after taking showers every day sometimes twice after the gym. Another reason I love them, is that I often forget to use perfume and scented Body Lotions linger all day long on skin and clothes.

Some products I am hooked on and end up buying them again and again and AGAIN.

Victoria´s Secret Body Lotions in these three scents are my absolute favourites:

Snow Mint,Dream and Electric.

Snow Mint is from the winter edition and I have had so many people comment on the scent it gives off. Iced peppermint and ganache are the perfume-notes. Although I keep getting asked what that gorgeous vanilla smell is.?

Dream is more of a fresh scent.I love this in the summer as well, as it makes me feel fresh and clean during in the hot sticky sun. Peony and marine scents. It reminds me a bit of fresh linen and is a bit similar to one of my all time favourites from “bath and bodyworks”_Cotton.

Electric is a mixture of fresh and tasty.It´s quite fruity but also with a hint of flower. Strawberry and peony are in the formula. I don´t like sickly sweet perfumes and this is just the right amount of juicy for me.


Which Victoria´s Secret scent is your favorite?

  Ali “Fox”



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