I do believe in a greater force. In my life I have had a bunch of things happen to me, where I just knew “This is definitely no coincidence”. 

Also I have had a few moments just standing there in nature and feeling suddenly fueled by an intense power.

I could in no other way explain it more than being connected to the universe.Connected to source. These occurrences are magical, but in all fairness they do not happen every day, I´d say at most I can count them all on one hand.

I´d like to tell you about a special moments that happened to me recently…

I was in Bogotá Colombia and decided to take a jungle trip out into the Andes to do some waterfall canyoning (in other words climbing down a cliff side/waterfall).

Before we got to our meeting point, where our guide was waiting I saw a big dark something gliding through the jungle skies.

Turns out it was a person, gliding through the skies on a zip-line.

I felt sick watching him

“What a horrible way to die if that thing were to rip!”

Suddenly I was confused. I despised the thought of going zip-lining, putting myself in that man´s shoes was making me feel nauseaus,absolutely petrified, but at the same time there was this urge to just jump right into this feeling of “Not knowing” .

Not even twenty minutes later it was me being strapped into the harness by two experienced zip-liners. I was giddy with excitement, laughing, hiding the fact that I was really frightened. I was scared but at the same time absolutely craving the adrenaline I normally hated feeling so much.

Before I had time to properly think it through I was off,flying through the air like an oversized bird. What was only two minutes felt like five. Half way through the middle my fearful thoughts kicked in “What if I plummet to my death?” “Would it hurt?”

But then it dawned on me, at this very moment My life wasn´t in my control no longer.

I had made a terrifying decision and now was stuck in the moment. I was filled with an extreme sense of freedom. This is what it feels like to fly. Leaving the my fate in the hands of the harness carrying me through the sky. Thrilling but at the same time peaceful.


I am here and I´m being looked after, I belong to the universe…



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