As a flight attendant proper skin care is crucial for me.

In winter our skin is forced to put up with icy harsh weather conditions and just when we have gotten used to the weather outside we get hot dry air blasted in our faces when entering any shop in town.

I love testing moisturizer. Some have not been worth the money they cost, others have been surprisingly good value for money and other have been okay, average well…you know meh’.

 I get really excited when finding a product that I can actually rave about. Not every product is for every ones skin needs, but as it is January I am showcasing a Facial moisturizer, Cleansing oil and gentle Toner from the L’occitane Shea butter series or in french( Karite).


For years now I have been repurchasing their Karite Hand Cream , and been very happy with it.

l-occitane-karite-creme-mains-150-mlGoing for the big tube I find the product lasts for ages and smells pleasantly powdery, not interfering with your own choice of scent. Some hand creams and body lotions are overpowering in smell and sometimes don´t compliment the perfumes we use. 

Anyway it was now time to try out the Facial series. And I can say: Greeeat.

Now what I look for in facial creams is nourishing but not greasy. With my combination skin I am rather dry around my cheeks and eyes and a tad oily around forehead, nose and skin.

First off the facial cleanse…Washing the city of Frankfurt off my face with the cleansing oil feels good. My skin is left clean but not stripped of moisture. The oil really gets off all the make up and If I want a deeper cleanse I go in after this oil-cleanse step with a wash foam to get right into those pores. After the cleanse I use the gentle toner, which made my skin feel a bit calmer and got rid of the redness due to the cleaning beforehand. I have a handful of other facial toners, which are a bit harsher on the skin, mostly because they are recommended for different skin problems, where as the L’occitane gentle toner really is for a more subtle,gentle skin care routine.

At last I use the facial cream. It is labeled as a `light` moisturizer for normal to combination skin. I find this to be rather accurate. It´s exactly what I like in a foundation nourishing but not clogging. Definitely would be too much of a good thing for greasy skin types, but for dry, normal and combination skin perfect, for putting back moisture and care into your skin.

I really am enjoying using this. Especially in the morning after my daily shower, I let it sink in one hour before I put on  my make up. I could even imagine using this in summer 2017 as it is just about lightweight enough to use in the hot summer months.

Also I had no irritation or redness from using this series, whereas some creams in the past have left my skin burning and feeling uncomfortable.

I definitely recommend this product. Or if like me you are already a fan of their Karite Hand Cream you will definitely be 100% happy with this.

Have you tried these products before?

Are you a L’occitane virgin? Or have you tried some of their products yourself?



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