To escape the winter blues I decided to head back to Dubai for a week.

Why? Being in Europe I wanted a destination with stable weather conditions and not too far away by plane. I opted for Dubai. Always a reliable getaway for a week.

For me Dubai is what Disneyland is to Children. A big glittery playground. A city covered in “Bling” and futuristic architecture.

It offers everything an expat´s heart desires( usually staying here on business for a couple of years) and it is a shoppers paradise.There is hardly a world store or restaurant Dubai doesn´t have to offer to it´s tourists.

Although I weirdly enough never buy anything here, as it´s quite pricey compared to other countries.

I booked a room last-minute at “The Grosvenor House”. When going to Dubai I always book my accommodation around the Dubai Marina. It´s not my first pick destination for a lesson on foreign culture. When I come here it is only to relax in the sun, have casual walks around the waterfront and go out for a meal. The Marina has everything a tourist requires from restaurants to shisha-bars, a mall and great living possibilities usually including a gym and pool.

Thinking about it Dubai is a place I find you can stay just a week and happily say enough is enough.

So with booking a room at “The Grosvenor House” you also gain access to the grounds of “Le Royal Meridien”. Muahaha meaning shuttle bus access to the private pool and beach area of the top 5 star Hotel& Spa. It´s amazing. Yes you aren´t the only one there, there are indeed lots of british tourists in particular enjoying a cocktail in the sun, but the atmosphere here is friendly and relaxing and there is a lot of room between loungers so you still feel like you have some privacy.

(Grounds of “Le Royal Meridien”)

I enjoyed just hanging out here to read my book and catch up on my japanese studies.

The staff is very attentive and bring you little bits and pieces to make your pool&beach day five-star worthy. One hour they´ll bring you a cold body spritz for cooling off or a refreshment towel or even little shot glasses filled with crushed ice slushy.


All in all a great stay if you are looking for an alternative to your regular air b&b stay. Booked last-minute with and am relieved it all turned out well.

 What do you think of Dubai?

Do you agree it´s a good destination for a short trip?




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