Back again in Brooklyn I decided to grab a Burger at “Shake Shack” to refuel after a long day of walking around and sale hunting. 

I love “Shake Shack”! The beef tastes real good for a fast food/diner joint and the Cheese fries are to die for. Usually grab a meal to go before heading back to the hotel, but for a change I decided to sit down and enjoy my meal slowly and mindfully at one of the restaurants tables. 

I then ended the evening with a bath using Jo Malone”Red Roses” bath oil before snuggling up to a Netflix session.

The next day I awoke pretty early due to Jetlag. Hit the gym for about an hour, before my craving for a Starbucks coffee kicked in. 

While sipping my coffee I decided to get some fresh air and headed out for a walk, once again strolling over the “Brooklyn Bridge” just being a complete tourist…

After my morning walk it was time to reflect upon my new buys. Were they really all needed? Should I quickly return something?

No not really… everything bought within reason.

My “Best Buy” ? Definitely these plush slippers in silver metallic!

Where from? My favourite place to rummage around for a good deal!!!

Nordstrom Rack

Sitting on my couch at my Frankfurt home I will be reminded of this buzzing city, while my toes rest all toasty in these amazing little shoes…



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