I do not have a green thumb. 

But still, come spring I find myself developing hope of suddenly becoming the true garden-mummy every plant and flower deserves. A garden-mummy that will tend to their juicy green needs, water them regularly, bring them too shady safety as soon as it gets too hot for their delicate petals to bear. The woman all neighbours will envy for my beautiful provence-like balcony. 

Picking out the flowers is no problem and repotting them, but they never survive longer than a month with me as their nurturer.

Every year it’s so depressing and such a waste of money…

Except for my Bonsai.

 My little IKEA-Bonsai has been with me for 4 years and never let me down. The little one has hardly ever shed a brown leaf and remains a beautiful shape throughout its green life.

This is my favourite and at the moment only plant I keep in my living room.

Such an eye catcher as well! 

Well ok maybe not to all guests who enter… but definitely for me…it’s proud owner. 


What flowers do you keep that won’t let me down easily?

Any advice for me?




  1. Timothy Price says:

    We have a garden of roses, wildflowers and weeds. Of course some people would call our wildflowers weeds, but to each his own. As far as bonsais are concerned we’ve done best with gnarly ficus trees. We have killed most of our other bonsais over the years, mostly due to not getting them in the cold frame soon enough and they froze. The Ficus are indoors so we don’t have to worry about them freezing.

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    • Fox with a Bob says:

      I don’t know Timothy …you might have just inspired me to go Ficus shopping next:D !! My bonsai is going strong, but is always inside…so maybe that’s a major factor. You sound like you have a beautiful garden.wildflowers are my best friends favourite as well…she’d choose them over anything fancy. Thanks for reading!! Sending blogging support your way

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  2. Kayden says:

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