Inspiration comes in waves. Some of which are so strong they knock you right over, forcing you to take action.

Most times though inspiration is subtle and light, like little puffs of wind. We feel and acknowledge them, but it feels to uncertain to really use this push.

The latter takes self awareness and being able to actually connect with your inner self…

But those big inspirational pushes, are not to be ignored. There is no reason not to at least get up and consider taking action, as you are feeling this divine sensation for a reason.


Whether it being a sudden opening for that job or promotion you always wanted. An extreme urge to visit a certain country or realising a sudden goal, for example the home of your dreams.

Now when inspiration hits it means that door is opening from the impossible “Never in a million years” to “These are the first steps  you have to take!” and with this ” This is the moment of realisation you have been waiting for”.



It is at that moment and shortly after that moment has passed, you have to really grab this inspiration by the balls and see it as a longed for guidance.

You have probably had a few situations like this in your life, or maybe it was still too subtle for you to feel certain to act upon.

But when self belief and opportunity arise at the same time, that is where the magic happens.

All the best with your goals this year.



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