For some time now I have been keeping track of what I eat every day in a diary, and it has been really good for my wellbeing.

Writing down what I eat has helped me be mindful about the food I’m putting into my body. Before I would just “gorge” on many random things and at the end of the day not have a clue how many calories  I had subconsciously put into my system.

When keeping a food diary it gives you a good idea what you seem to crave the most and when your diet needs to be infused with some serious greens and super foods.

It’s ok to eat snacks, it’s ok to have sugary bits and pieces now and again, but it’s even better if you have an overall idea of how much you are actually eating every day and what you already have had enough of…

Have you ever kept a food diary?

What are your thoughts on this?



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