Every now and again when I think ” This will be the month I spend less” something bad happens….I notice that one of my product nessessities is empty and needs repurchasing. Damn it!!!

This time it´s my hair care. I have a bob, which is fairly high maintenance. Every day it needs washing and straightening to look its absolute best. This is really damaging for my strands, but a must for me to look polished for work.

Let´s get to it:

I have been using Kérastase products for about five years now and they never stop impressing me.

The “Nutritive” Hair care series is my absolute favourite.


Just opening the shampoo bottle and getting a whiff of the scent, you know you are holding a luxurious product. The products really care for normal to damaged brittle hair. There is a lightweight shampoo for fine hair and one especially for thick hair.



This time however I decided to switch it up a bit and go for the shampoo for colour-treated hair as I have highlights. It leaves hair shiny and soft and keeps my blond highlights  looking vibrant and most of all stops my blond going brassy.

I hardly go a day without straightening, so heat protectant products that actually work are a MUST for me and I do not mind spending a little more on them if they are worth it.

This time I´m trying out a heat protectant cream,which also combats frizz. Sounds good, as I spend a lot of time across the world in humid countries.
Chennai tomorrow here I come!!!

And yes it really is a solid choice and lasts me about three months.

Overall I DO NOT enjoy spending big bucks on my hair,but at the end of the day Kerastase for me is absolutely worth it.

Have you tried Kérastase products?

Did you think they were worth it?



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