India it has been a while… I´ve been sent to Chennai this week, and have a full 3 days of free time here.

dsc_0362My first flight for work was to Chennai (aka.Old city of Madras) and I really enjoyed it. The city has some very characteristic smells about it, that when you arrive you are flooded with memories of the place. From beautiful jasmine,fennel,cardamom and carnations to fishy dirty rivers,urine, decomposing trash and bad sewer-systems…this all makes the experience of this old city complete.

And it wouldn´t be the same without them.

Apart from going out for a good indian meal here, I also enjoy just taking a walk through the town.

dsc_0534Chennai is a great city for photography. Every corner you turn there are moments to be captured. One reason I love photography here are the colours. Everything is bright and vibrant.




Although the extreme poverty can be depressing to witness I still find the people have a lot of positivity about them and just get on with every day life, looking out for their families and trying to earn a living with little market stands or driving services.


You can really make someone´s day by giving them a nice tip or giving them a take away bag of the left over food from restaurants. It´s often the small things that count.

I pick one orphanage before I head to certain destinations and buy fifty euros worth of school essentials, toys and simple hygiene products, and they are always highly appreciated. Doing this three times a year or so doesn´t hurt my pocket and really can be a treat for the less fortunate. Even if you don´t have anything a simple `hello` or smile goes a long way.


Something I´m always wary of here though is the water. Taking a shower I´m still paranoid of swallowing water. I know it probably won´t kill me, but I´m still worried of getting an upset stomach, but then again hey it can happen anywhere…


My favourite thing to do here is getting the driver of a yellow Tuck-Tuck to take me on a tour of the city. Yes they charge you way to much so you have to contemplate beforehand what you are actually willing to pay them.

But all in all these aren´t prices that aren´t affordable to a regular tourist and they usually do wait for you if you want a moment or so to look around and take some pictures of certain spots.Have you ever been to Chennai?

And most of all did you enjoy it?



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