It’s a challenge not falling into a Sunday rut. Every weekend my partner and I try to do something new. Visit new towns around our home in Frankfurt. Try out a new restaurant, go for a walk somewhere different or cook something new with friends.This afternoon I was invited to a very special location.

A Chocolaterie.

In the heart of Frankfurt city lies a little art-cafe. It’s interior is a mix of “down the rabbit hole/dreamland chic” and “1920’s piano bar salon-style”


Bitter&Zart is a fabulous spot for a date with friends or your significant other.img_5704

We enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate (aka. pure dark chocolate steaming from a cup.)Served with a chocolate-praline from their wide selection. All kinds of nougat and truffle.

And finally to top it all off a delicious “blackberry tart”.

Pure bliss for what could have been another boring Sunday afternoon…

Have you ever tried drinking pure melted chocolate?

What do you do on lazy sundays?




  1. summervinn says:

    Awesome post👏🏻. I have tried it. In our country there is this citi called Lviv and it is famous for its chocolate and coffee. One day me and my friends went to the best chocolate cafe and ordered: 1 cup of melted pure chocolate, chocolate latte, chocolate cake each. Can you imagine? We couldn’t finish it! But I loved it)

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