It´s been such a long time ladies and gentlemen! I´ve been very busy working and just got back from the UK visiting family. Flying from Frankfurt to the Isle of Man via Manchester I had quite a bit of Transit time and decided to browse the “holy shelves” of Duty free.

And this time I got lucky!

I decided to up my brow game with “Ka-Brow!_Benefit” (20.00£).

You know from my MY BEST HIGHLIGHTING PRODUCTS  how much I love “High Beam_Benefit”, but apart from that I have been steering more towards other brands.

Gosh I´m so happy I decided to give this new Benefit Brow-product a shot!

It´s absolutely amazing.

I have been using a brow powder for the last few years and this little pot of “Ka-Brow!” is a waterproof gel/cream with brush-liner. WOW!!!! You can just build it up to the density and drama you want and it lasts all day long without washing out and smudging.

I must admit I do like a bushy brow and this is just how I define them on a regular natural day…


As always the packaging is beautiful,a little magicians assistant theme going on there…

And I am a sucker for pretty merchandise…

Have you tried this out? What are your favourite Benefit products?

I´d love to know…




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