It´s been such a long time ladies and gentlemen! I´ve been very busy working and just got back from the UK visiting family. Flying from Frankfurt to the Isle of Man via Manchester I had quite a bit of Transit time and decided to browse the “holy shelves” of Duty free.

And this time I got lucky!

I decided to up my brow game with “Ka-Brow!_Benefit” (20.00£).

You know from my MY BEST HIGHLIGHTING PRODUCTS  how much I love “High Beam_Benefit”, but apart from that I have been steering more towards other brands.

Gosh I´m so happy I decided to give this new Benefit Brow-product a shot!

It´s absolutely amazing.

I have been using a brow powder for the last few years and this little pot of “Ka-Brow!” is a waterproof gel/cream with brush-liner. WOW!!!! You can just build it up to the density and drama you want and it lasts all day long without washing out and smudging.

I must admit I do like a bushy brow and this is just how I define them on a regular natural day…


As always the packaging is beautiful,a little magicians assistant theme going on there…

And I am a sucker for pretty merchandise…

Have you tried this out? What are your favourite Benefit products?

I´d love to know…





It’s a challenge not falling into a Sunday rut. Every weekend my partner and I try to do something new. Visit new towns around our home in Frankfurt. Try out a new restaurant, go for a walk somewhere different or cook something new with friends.This afternoon I was invited to a very special location.

A Chocolaterie.

In the heart of Frankfurt city lies a little art-cafe. It’s interior is a mix of “down the rabbit hole/dreamland chic” and “1920’s piano bar salon-style”


Bitter&Zart is a fabulous spot for a date with friends or your significant other.img_5704

We enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate (aka. pure dark chocolate steaming from a cup.)Served with a chocolate-praline from their wide selection. All kinds of nougat and truffle.

And finally to top it all off a delicious “blackberry tart”.

Pure bliss for what could have been another boring Sunday afternoon…

Have you ever tried drinking pure melted chocolate?

What do you do on lazy sundays?



India it has been a while… I´ve been sent to Chennai this week, and have a full 3 days of free time here.

dsc_0362My first flight for work was to Chennai (aka.Old city of Madras) and I really enjoyed it. The city has some very characteristic smells about it, that when you arrive you are flooded with memories of the place. From beautiful jasmine,fennel,cardamom and carnations to fishy dirty rivers,urine, decomposing trash and bad sewer-systems…this all makes the experience of this old city complete.

And it wouldn´t be the same without them.

Apart from going out for a good indian meal here, I also enjoy just taking a walk through the town.

dsc_0534Chennai is a great city for photography. Every corner you turn there are moments to be captured. One reason I love photography here are the colours. Everything is bright and vibrant.




Although the extreme poverty can be depressing to witness I still find the people have a lot of positivity about them and just get on with every day life, looking out for their families and trying to earn a living with little market stands or driving services.


You can really make someone´s day by giving them a nice tip or giving them a take away bag of the left over food from restaurants. It´s often the small things that count.

I pick one orphanage before I head to certain destinations and buy fifty euros worth of school essentials, toys and simple hygiene products, and they are always highly appreciated. Doing this three times a year or so doesn´t hurt my pocket and really can be a treat for the less fortunate. Even if you don´t have anything a simple `hello` or smile goes a long way.


Something I´m always wary of here though is the water. Taking a shower I´m still paranoid of swallowing water. I know it probably won´t kill me, but I´m still worried of getting an upset stomach, but then again hey it can happen anywhere…


My favourite thing to do here is getting the driver of a yellow Tuck-Tuck to take me on a tour of the city. Yes they charge you way to much so you have to contemplate beforehand what you are actually willing to pay them.

But all in all these aren´t prices that aren´t affordable to a regular tourist and they usually do wait for you if you want a moment or so to look around and take some pictures of certain spots.Have you ever been to Chennai?

And most of all did you enjoy it?



Every now and again when I think ” This will be the month I spend less” something bad happens….I notice that one of my product nessessities is empty and needs repurchasing. Damn it!!!

This time it´s my hair care. I have a bob, which is fairly high maintenance. Every day it needs washing and straightening to look its absolute best. This is really damaging for my strands, but a must for me to look polished for work.

Let´s get to it:

I have been using Kérastase products for about five years now and they never stop impressing me.

The “Nutritive” Hair care series is my absolute favourite.


Just opening the shampoo bottle and getting a whiff of the scent, you know you are holding a luxurious product. The products really care for normal to damaged brittle hair. There is a lightweight shampoo for fine hair and one especially for thick hair.



This time however I decided to switch it up a bit and go for the shampoo for colour-treated hair as I have highlights. It leaves hair shiny and soft and keeps my blond highlights  looking vibrant and most of all stops my blond going brassy.

I hardly go a day without straightening, so heat protectant products that actually work are a MUST for me and I do not mind spending a little more on them if they are worth it.

This time I´m trying out a heat protectant cream,which also combats frizz. Sounds good, as I spend a lot of time across the world in humid countries.
Chennai tomorrow here I come!!!

And yes it really is a solid choice and lasts me about three months.

Overall I DO NOT enjoy spending big bucks on my hair,but at the end of the day Kerastase for me is absolutely worth it.

Have you tried Kérastase products?

Did you think they were worth it?



For some time now I have been keeping track of what I eat every day in a diary, and it has been really good for my wellbeing.

Writing down what I eat has helped me be mindful about the food I’m putting into my body. Before I would just “gorge” on many random things and at the end of the day not have a clue how many calories  I had subconsciously put into my system.

When keeping a food diary it gives you a good idea what you seem to crave the most and when your diet needs to be infused with some serious greens and super foods.

It’s ok to eat snacks, it’s ok to have sugary bits and pieces now and again, but it’s even better if you have an overall idea of how much you are actually eating every day and what you already have had enough of…

Have you ever kept a food diary?

What are your thoughts on this?



Inspiration comes in waves. Some of which are so strong they knock you right over, forcing you to take action.

Most times though inspiration is subtle and light, like little puffs of wind. We feel and acknowledge them, but it feels to uncertain to really use this push.

The latter takes self awareness and being able to actually connect with your inner self…

But those big inspirational pushes, are not to be ignored. There is no reason not to at least get up and consider taking action, as you are feeling this divine sensation for a reason.


Whether it being a sudden opening for that job or promotion you always wanted. An extreme urge to visit a certain country or realising a sudden goal, for example the home of your dreams.

Now when inspiration hits it means that door is opening from the impossible “Never in a million years” to “These are the first steps  you have to take!” and with this ” This is the moment of realisation you have been waiting for”.



It is at that moment and shortly after that moment has passed, you have to really grab this inspiration by the balls and see it as a longed for guidance.

You have probably had a few situations like this in your life, or maybe it was still too subtle for you to feel certain to act upon.

But when self belief and opportunity arise at the same time, that is where the magic happens.

All the best with your goals this year.



I do not have a green thumb. 

But still, come spring I find myself developing hope of suddenly becoming the true garden-mummy every plant and flower deserves. A garden-mummy that will tend to their juicy green needs, water them regularly, bring them too shady safety as soon as it gets too hot for their delicate petals to bear. The woman all neighbours will envy for my beautiful provence-like balcony. 

Picking out the flowers is no problem and repotting them, but they never survive longer than a month with me as their nurturer.

Every year it’s so depressing and such a waste of money…

Except for my Bonsai.

 My little IKEA-Bonsai has been with me for 4 years and never let me down. The little one has hardly ever shed a brown leaf and remains a beautiful shape throughout its green life.

This is my favourite and at the moment only plant I keep in my living room.

Such an eye catcher as well! 

Well ok maybe not to all guests who enter… but definitely for me…it’s proud owner. 


What flowers do you keep that won’t let me down easily?

Any advice for me?